Clinical Services

California Oncology patients receive a higher level of care. From the attention to every detail of the cancer experience to the emphasis on individual wholeness, here are some of our services and distinctions.

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  • Chemotherapy

  • Onsite Laboratory

  • Onsite Pharmacy


California Oncology of the Central Valley is led by Christopher Perkins, MD, a board certified Medical Oncologist assisted by Nurse Practitioner, Lany Avakian, NP and Lori Kovacevich, NP who has advanced training in a holistic approach to cancer care. Our state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility provides the latest in chemotherapy medicine. Chemotherapy treatment is administered by our highly skilled nursing staff in environment that fosters healing of body, mind and spirit.

On-site Pharmacy

California Oncology provides Clinical Pharmacy services other prescriptions as requested by Dr. Perkins.

On-site Laboratory

Our on-site laboratory provides complete blood counts (CBCs), urinalysis and chemistry panels ordered by our physicians. If you have any abnormal lab results that require immediate attention, we will contact you. If additional tests are requested, they will be sent to another facility and you will be billed directly by that company.

  • I always feel like I am cared for both physically and emotionally when I come for an appointment. Dr. Perkin's takes his time with me and the employees treat me like I'm extended family. Thank you for caring.
  • I received first class treatment in this beautiful office. The staff members genuinely care about my needs and I never felt like I was just a number.
  • My cancer experience taught me authentic concern for my health and recovery. I feel as though my caregivers were all family, even if I didn’t know them before.
  • Dr. Perkins is always caring and available and I learn so much from Lany and the others. I wouldn’t put my life in anyone else’s hands.
  • Thank you for your kindness and care, and treating me like family. Dr. Perkins always took time to answer my questions.
  • Having breast cancer and experiencing the love and support at California Oncology reinforced the power, beauty and sharing of women. Thank you!